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Have you been pulled over by a Grandview, MO Police Officer and issued a traffic citation for speeding or other moving violation? If so, then you should contact a traffic attorney to avoid having points put on your license.  You should realize that if you simply pay the fine on a Grandview Municipal ticket, then you could have points put on your license by the State of Missouri.  That is why you should consult with an attorney before you pay any ticket scheduled with Grandview Municipal Court.  Call Rocky, an attorney that represents clients in Grandview Municipal Court.  


Rocky represents clients on many types of cases or tickets in Grandview, MO Municipal Court including:



(DWS) Driving While Suspended,

Driving While Revoked,



Careless Driving,




And Shoplifting.














Call Rocky for a quote on your Grandview, MO Traffic or other municipal court case.



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