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  Selected Ordinances of the City of Grandview, MO


These selected Grandview, MO ordinances are listed for information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. They sometimes come up in accident cases.


Sec. 14-41.2. - Use of seat belt system required.

(a)As used in this section, the term "motor vehicle" means every motor vehicle designed for carrying ten (10) persons or less and used for the transportation of persons; except that, the term "motor vehicle" shall not include motorcycles, motorized bicycles and motor tricycles.

(b)Each driver and all passengers of a motor vehicle manufactured after January 1, 1968, while being operated on a street or highway in this city shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety belt that meets federal National Highway Transportation and Safety Act requirements.

(1)This section shall not apply to persons employed by the United States Postal Service while performing duties for that federal agency which require the operator to service postal boxes from their vehicles.

(2)The provisions of this section shall not be applicable to persons who have a medical reason for failing to have a seat belt fastened about their body.

(3)The provisions of this section shall not be applicable to persons while operating or riding a motor vehicle being used in agricultural work-related activities.

(c)Each driver of a motor vehicle transporting a child less than sixteen (16) years of age shall secure the child in a properly adjusted and fastened restraint as defined and required under section 14-41.1.

(d)Every person who violates this section, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00). (Attorney note:  This fine use to be $10.00.)


Sec. 14-44. - Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite direction.

Drivers of vehicles proceeding in opposite directions shall pass each other to the right, and upon roadways having width for not more than one line of traffic in each direction, each driver shall give to the other at least one-half of the main-traveled portion of the roadway as nearly as possible. (Attorney note: You have heard the phrase you need to share the road. It appears the City of Grandview, MO also expects drivers on its roads to share the road.)


Sec. 14-48. - No passing zones.

(a) It shall be unlawful for the driver of any vehicle to overtake and pass another vehicle on any section of roadway where signs or markings have been installed prohibiting such passing.

(b) The following shall be designated no parking zones:

(1) All hills as marked by the state highway department.

(2) All streets marked with yellow "no passing" lines.

(Attorney note:  This ordinance makes it clear those people you see passing in no passing zones are breaking the law in Grandview, MO.)


Sec. 14-50. - Following other vehicles.

(a)The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of such vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the roadway.

(b)The driver of any truck or slowly moving equipment, when traveling upon the streets and following another truck, shall, whenever conditions permit, leave sufficient space so that an overtaking vehicle may enter and occupy such space without danger; except that this shall not prevent a truck from overtaking and passing any like vehicle or other vehicles. (Attorney note: This ordinance makes it illegal to follow someone to closely in Grandview, MO.)


Your choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.  Ordinances are subject to change without notice and therefore this site offers this information for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advise.


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