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You like to ride your motorcycle, but when an accident happens on a motorcycle it can be a very serious situation.  That is why, if you have been injured on a motorcycle on the roads or highways in or near Grandview, MO, then you need the services of a good motorcycle crash attorney. An attorney or lawyer can make sure that the negligent party is held accountable for their actions, which could include the payment of money to you in compensation of your injuries.  You may have a claim not only for the damage to your ride, but for medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering that you have experienced.  No one doubts you are tough, but why live with the results of a crash, when you may be able to seek full and fair compensation from the at fault or responsible party.  You can consult lawyer Rocky Cannon, at 816-353-0009, if you have questions.


Pain and Suffering Attorney: Grandview, MO


If you have been the victim of a personal injury event in Grandview, MO that resulted in physical injury to you such as a broken bone or whiplash, then you may be able to hold the guilty person accountable for all of your damages.  All of your damages includes not only the obvious, vehicle damage, lost wages, and medical bills, but also pain and suffering.  Under the law, an injured person has certain rights and one of those rights includes being able to collect for pain and suffering. The law recognizes that pain and suffering are real things experienced by injured persons, and therefore a person who has suffered pain should be able to be compensated for it.  Under our system, that means that a dollar amount can be requested for your pain and suffering.  A lawyer will be in the best position to help you explain to an insurance adjuster or jury the amount of compensation you are entitled to for your pain and suffering.  Therefore, for your accident in Grandview, MO a pain and suffering attorney should be consulted.


Personal Injury Attorney Grandview, MO


A personal injury claim can arise from not only a vehicle accident or slip and fall, but from a wide range of situations and events.  You may be the victim of a situation or event that no one has ever experienced before, but you may still be entitled to compensation.  This is because the law of torts is broad and flexible enough to expand to cover a whole host of situations.  For example did something, like a wall fall on you and injure you?  Then you may have a personal injury claim against the owner of that wall as well as others.  Did a pharmacist or other medical personnel give you the wrong prescription and this has caused you harm?  You may have a personal injury claim for the harm done to you.  Certain time limitations due apply, particularly in any case involving medical personnel, so it is import to consult an attorney as soon as possible on your personal injury case in Grandview, MO.


On The Job or Workplace Accident Lawyer: Grandview, MO


If you have been injured in the course and scope of your employment in Grandview, MO, then you may have a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.  You should consult an attorney about the matter and not rely on your employer or its insurer to do the right thing.  An experienced attorney may be able to make sure the employer takes what is best for you, the injured worker, into proper consideration.  Also, if your injury was caused by a third party you may be entitled to sue the third party.  There are limitations on your ability to recover in a situation where workers' compensation and a third party are involved.  Therefore, a lawyer should be consulted concerning any on the job or workplace injury.



Your choice of an accident lawyer is an important decision and should not be based on advertisement only.

Grandview, MO Personal Injury Lawyer

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