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Trucks or tractor-trailers travelling on the roads of Grandview, MO carrying freight or heavy items can be very imposing to some drivers.  An automobile driver instinctively knows to keep a sharp look out or steer clear of a semi or an 18 wheeler whenever possible.  However, due to varying driving conditions in or around Grandview, MO, it is not always possible to avoid an accident with a careless driver.  When an accident or collision involves a big truck or big rig the injuries can be severe.  Therefore, if you are involved in a trucking accident or collision in Grandview, MO, you may need to find the best trucking accident injury attorney you can.


Auto Accident Lawyer Grandview, MO


A serious auto accident, car crash or SUV rollover in Grandview, MO can result in substantial injuries to a person in which case the injured person will need to be compensated if they are not the responsible party.  This is only fair.  However, even a minor fender bender can result in damages to an injured driver or passenger.  In such a case, it is worth the injured party’s time to consult an attorney to see if something may be done for them beyond what the other party’s insurance company is willing to do.  So if you have suffered an injury to your person or your loved suffered an injury in the Grandview, MO area, it is advisable to seek out an auto accident lawyer to represent you. Give auto accident attorney and lawyer Rocky a call.


Slip and Fall Claim Attorney Grandview, MO


Personal injury in Grandview, MO can also involve a claim based on a slip and fall or sometimes what is called a trip and fall.  This type of claim is usually brought against the owner of the property where the slip and fall occurred, because the owner somehow failed to prevent a dangerous condition from existing on the property that caused the fall.  If you have a slip and fall claim against an owner of real property in Grandview, MO, then you will likely need an attorney to represent you on your case.  Your damages from a slip and fall in Grandview, MO could be quite extensive, and may take time to appear.  In some situations, it may be difficult to link back your damages to your slip and fall.  This is where an attorney familiar with slip and fall cases can be invaluable to you.  So if you have a slip and fall or a trip and fall in Grandview, MO, call attorney Rocky to discuss your case.



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Grandview MO Accident Or Injury Lawyer

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Grandview, MO Personal Injury Lawyer


Grandview, Missouri, with a population of 24,475, is a city located in the greater Kansas City, MO Metro area and also inside Jackson County, Missouri.  Grandview, MO is a high traffic area with many large trucks and vehicles travelling on its roads and highways.  The Grandview Triangle, although not in Grandview, MO is just north of the city, and represents one of most traveled interchanges in the KC, MO area.  Truman Corners is also located in Grandview, MO. The City of Grandview includes or is near the following zip codes: 64137, 64134, 64030, and 64147.  A lot of large vehicles and trucks including dump trucks, trash trucks and delivery trucks travel through or nearby Grandview, MO hauling freight on the manyhighways and roads.  These high traffic areas, due to accidents, can result in personal injuries to commuters, not just drivers, but also to passengers or other occupants.  In such a situation the best Grandview personal injury attorney you can find should be consulted.

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