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If you have been injured by a garbage truck in the Kansas City, MO Metro area including Grandview, MO and Lee's Summit, MO, then you may be entitled to hold the garbage company responsible. You should speak with a garbage truck accident lawyer.  A garbage truck or trash truck can injury persons in a number of ways.  A garbage truck can injure persons by slamming or crashing into them.  A garbage truck or waste collection vehicle, can stop suddenly causing other drivers to swerve into other cars.  A garbage truck can also become a runaway truck and collide with other vehicles or pedestrians.  A garbage truck can also be poorly maintained, which can lead to equipment failure that can result in injury to others.


Garbage trucks come in a number of types including front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, roll-off trucks, grapple trucks, recycling trucks, pneumatic collection trucks, and dump trucks.  Typically, a person can expect to see rear loaders driving the residential streets, but a person could also see others of these types of trash trucks depending on how and when they are being used.  Many cities have ordinances or laws concerning when garbage trucks can be travelling on residential streets, which does help keep them off the streets during high traffic times.  However, accidents still occur.


Trash Truck Accident Attorney


Garbage trucks are typically used or contracted for by municipalities to transport waste or refuse to a waste management facility or land fill.  Garbage trucks can make frequent stops, which can cause or contribute to cause accidents in a number of ways.  In some situations, where a garbage truck is being operated by only a driver and he or she is forced to exit the vehicle to pick up trash, he or she can accidentally fail to put the vehicle in park, which can lead to a runaway garbage truck.


Due to the size of garbage or trash trucks, other vehicles and/or persons can be seriously injured when they are hit by a one.  If this happens, then a person should contact a personal injury attorney or garbage truck accident lawyer to see what rights the injured person has.  Statute of limitations do apply in these types of cases, so an attorney should be consulted as soon as practical. You should call Rocky at 816-353-0009 to speak with a trash truck accident attorney about your accident with a garbage truck.





















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