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If you have received traffic tickets including speeding, no insurance, failure to yield, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, and/or driving under the influence in the city of Raytown or other nearby city, then if you wish to keep points off your driving record you will need to hire a lawyer.  If you choose to simply pay your tickets, then you will receive points on your license which could increase the cost of auto insurance and possibly suspend your license.  If you receive a driving while suspended ticket, then you should be aware that a conviction for this traffic offense will put 12 points on your license.  This automatically will revoke your privilege to drive for one year. Consequently, you should definitely consult an attorney about your driving while suspended or driving while revoked case.  Call Rocky to discuss your situation.


I routinely represent clients in the following local cities as well as others:


Kansas City, MO Municipal Court          



Lee's Summit


Blue Springs

North Kansas City                                  





Raytown, MO Criminal Attorney


You have certain rights under the criminal justice system, including the right to a trial by jury, the right to not testify, the right to call witnesses, and the right to cross examine witnesses.  You should consult an attorney about your case to determine how you should proceed.  Often, in a case where the evidence is strong against you, a plea bargain can be worked out, that will allow you to avoid jail or other undesirable outcomes.  An attorney will be in the best possible position to advise you as to your rights.  Call Rocky in Raytown, MO to discuss your case in or around Jackson County, Missouri.


Criminal cases I typically represent clients on include:



Stealing or theft;

Possession of a controlled substance;

Bad Checks;

DWI Felonies;

and Shoplifting.


I also handle other cases, give me a call to discuss your particular charge or charges.


Your choice or decision to hire or retain a lawyer or law firm is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.

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