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 Claycomo, MO Personal Injury Attorney


Have you been injured in Claycomo, MO by another person or party in a car accident or other type of accident?  If so, then you may have grounds for laying a claim to be reimbursed or compensated by the offending person or party.  A personal injury law firm will be able to represent you to make sure you are paid everything that you have a legal right to.  You may be entitled to be paid for lost wages or your pain and suffering.  You may also be entitled to have your medical expenses paid.  A top personal injury law firm will fight for you and your family.  Call Rocky to speak with an attorney today.


Claycomo, MO Vehicular Crash Law Firm


You may have a personal injury arising from a vehicular crash or car crash in or near Claycomo, MO.  Drivers and passengers involved in car crashes can have serious or life threatening injuries.  Many people each year die from their injuries in car accidents.  Aside from criminal penalties that can be imposed, the law of negligence and its financial compensation system is the only real remedy an injured person and their families have.  That is why, if you have been injured in a vehicular crash, then you should speak with a law firm that is familiar with vehicular negligence law.


Claycomo, MO Semi-Truck Accident Law Firm


Any accident involving a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle has the potential to be a very serious accident.  Often such accidents can alter the course of the lives of the people involved in them.  That is why it is paramount to get a law firm on the case as soon as possible.  This is because how a trucking case is handled in the early stages can drastically effect the outcome of the case later in terms of dollars and cents.  Having a law firm you trust on your case at an early stage of the case relieves you the responsibility of making sure your interests are being protected while you heal and recover.  Call Rocky to discuss your Claycomo, MO semi-truck accident case.


Workers’ Compensation Attorney Claycomo, MO


Have you been injured on the job in Claycomo, MO including at any factory?  Then you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to see what rights you have.  You have the right to make a workers’ compensation claim even if the accident was partly your fault.  Although, the workers’ compensation system is supposed to be simple it still requires a number of elements to make a proper claim.  For instance, there must have been an actual accident of some kind.  This sounds easy, but consider if someone collapsed from a heart attack on the job with no apparent cause.  Would that qualify as an accident?  What if there was a loud explosion or noise from the work site that scared the person into having a heart attack?  Would that qualify as an accident?  That is why a top workers’ compensation attorney should be consulted in any serious injury or death case.


Claycomo, MO Trip and Fall Lawyer


Have you or a loved one tripped and fell on the premises of a store or other area open to the public?  Do you feel the fall was unavoidable? Do you feel that it was the fault of the store owner or owner of the property?  Then you may have a personal injury claim.  You should contact an attorney to discuss your fall to see if you are entitled to bring a claim for damages.  A personal injury lawyer will be able to consult with and help you decide if you have any damages you can recover.  Call a lawyer today. Call Rocky.





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