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If you have suffered a personal injury accident in Clay County, MO including any type of car or truck crash, then you should speak with a personal injury accident lawyer about your rights and potential remedies you may have available to you.  You may even be able to sue more than one person for your injuries or hold a large corporation responsible for your injuries.  A good lawyer will be best situated to advise you as to what you can do about recovering your damages. A good lawyer will help you collect for your injuries and hold the wrongful party or parties responsible.  Call Rocky to discuss your case.


Clay County, MO Auto Accident Attorney


Auto Accidents can happen in Clay County, MO, particularly in areas that are under construction.  Construction areas can be confusing and may cause some drivers to drive in the wrong areas.  This can result in head-on collisions with other vehicles.  If you have been injured in an auto accident, whether from a head-on collision or other type of impact, then you should retain an attorney as soon as you can, so that he or she may begin work on your case as soon as possible.  It rarely pays to wait on your personal injury case.  Call Rocky to discuss your auto accident in Clay County, MO.


Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Clay County, MO


There is rarely a good way to have a motorcycle accident.  If a motorcycle hits another vehicle, the result will be bad.  If the motorcycle goes off the road, the result will be bad.  If a motorcycle ends up going on its side, the result will be bad.  Bottom line, there are many ways for a motorcycle rider to get injured on a bike.  That is why a motorcyclist should carry plenty of insurance to cover all of his or her expenses if he or she gets in an accident.  If you have a motorcycle accident or crash in or near Clay County, MO, then you should speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer to see what can be done about fixing your bike and making you whole.


Plane Accident Attorney, Clay County, MO


Plane accidents do not happen every day, but they do happen.  If you or a loved one have been in a plane accident in or around Clay County, MO, then you have likely suffered severe injuries including burns to the body.  If this has happened to you, then you need to get in touch with an attorney as soon as you are able.  You need a lawyer on your case, so that you can concentrate on healing or grieving.  An attorney can take some of the load off of you.  A good attorney will know just what to do in your situation.  A good attorney will know who to contact and how to proceed on your case.  A good attorney will know where to file your lawsuit.  So do not delay in contacting a good attorney.  Contact, Rocky, KC’s go to lawyer, to get you started on the road to recovery.


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