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A personal injury in Cass County, MO can happen in many different ways.  Your personal injury may be the result of a car accident, motorcycle accident, ATV accident or an oil or gas field injury including any type of burn injury.  In any situation, where you have been injured and you feel someone else is responsible for your injury, then you should consult a lawyer to discuss the event that caused your injuries to see if you have a case.  A top lawyer will be able to assist you in determining whether you have a case and how to proceed on it.  Call Rocky to discuss your situation.  Rocky has handled many cases for many clients in Cass County, MO through the years.


Cass County, MO Trucking Accident Attorney


A trucking accident is something you do not really want to be involved in.  The potential for serious injury goes way up when one of the vehicles involved in an accident is a big rig or tractor trailer.  One reason for this, is the way some tractor trailers are built with their trailers having substantial space between the bottom of the trailer and the pavement, which allows other smaller vehicles to become wedged under the trailers creating massive injuries, sometimes fatal injuries, for the occupants of the wedged vehicle.  If this happens to you or a loved one, then you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible about what course of actions are available. Call Rocky, Attorney at Law, at 816-353-0009.


Car Accident Lawyer Cass County, MO


If you have had a car accident that has resulted in injury to you where the accident was mainly the fault of the other driver, then you should speak with an attorney about your case.  Even if your medical bills are not tremendous, but you were transported from the scene of the accident, then you should still speak with an attorney about your case.  You may feel that your case is not worth much money, because your medical bills are not very big, and while the size of your medical bills is an important factor in deciding the value of your case, it is not the only factor.  Therefore, you should speak with an attorney to determine all the factors of your case.  Call Rocky and give him a try.  Maybe he can help you.


Oilfield or Gas Field Injury Lawyer, Cass County, MO


If you have been injured in an oilfield or gas field, then you may have a right to sue someone or file a workers compensation claim.  Your injuries may include multiple burn injuries or even amputations.  In such a case, a top lawyer familiar with these types of injuries will be essential for you to maximize your recovery and recoup your losses. An experienced lawyer will be able to assist you in preserving the evidence and notifying the proper parties.  Call Rocky for your injury claim needs in Cass County, MO.


Slip and Fall Accident Attorney, Cass County, MO


Have you fallen from either slipping on something or tripping over something, then you may have a cause of action against the party responsible for creating, maintaining or allowing to exist the dangerous condition that caused your accident.  You should speak with an attorney familiar with slip and fall law to discuss what rights you have including your right to be reimbursed for your damages that resulted from your fall.  An attorney will be able to assist you in being compensated in a fair and reasonable manner.  There are defenses to these types of actions, and that is why it is best to get a lawyer on your case to make sure you are treated fairly.  If you have a fall or a even a trip in Cass County, MO, then you should call Rocky to discuss your fall at 816-353-0009.


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