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   Kansas City, MO has a great number of buses travelling on its roads.  These buses include public transportation buses, school buses, and privately leased or chartered buses.  Holding a busing company accountable for an accident caused by one of its drivers can be difficult.  That is why you need an attorney familiar with bus accident cases on your case.


   In Kansas City, public busing is controlled by the KCATA or the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.  This entity operates the Kansas City Metro bus system.  Metro buses run throughout much of the Kansas City Metro area.  As a result accidents do occur involving Metro buses.  When an injury, including a pedestrian or bike rider being hit by a bus, results from an accident with a Metro bus, the person should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to preserve evidence and give proper notice to the right parties.


Kansas City Bus Accident Attorney


   Due to the size of most buses, serious injuries can result to other drivers and passengers of vehicles hit by buses.  These injuries can be the result of head-on collisions, side swipes, T-bones or rear end collisions with buses.  Minor accidents can occur also from accidents with buses due the fact that some buses make frequent stops on bus routes.  Some bus stops are poorly placed creating situations where accidents are more likely to occur, then if there was no bus stop at that location.  For instance, the placing of a bus stop at the bottom of hill, could result in more rear-end accidents or collisions with buses at the bottom of the hill.


   Sometimes, passengers of buses can be injured when the buses they are travelling on are involved in accidents.  If a passenger is injured on a bus, he or she is travelling on, then they may have a claim against the bus owner or any other vehicle involved in the accident.  A top bus accident lawyer or attorney should be consulted to see what rights may be available to the injured passenger.  Call Rocky at 816-353-0009, KC’s Go to Lawyer, to speak with him about your bus accident.











Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements. A particular busing accident case may be referred out to another lawyer better suited for that particular case to insure the best possible representation of the client.


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