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If you have suffered or experienced an accident in or near Buckner, MO that has resulted in a personal injury to you, then you may need to contact an attorney or lawyer that can help you obtain compensation from the responsible party.  Your personal injury claim in Buckner, MO may have resulted in you suffering losses or damages.  If you had to go to the emergency room, and/or see the doctor, and/or stay at the hospital, then you may now be receiving medical bills.  Medical bills are a type of damages that you can insist you are compensated for from the negligent party.


Auto Accident Lawyer Buckner, MO


If you have been injured or harmed in an auto or car accident in or near Buckner, MO caused by the bad driving of another person, then you have a right to seek money damages from the other person.  Even in a situation where you were a passenger in a car, and the bad driver turned out to be the person sitting next to you, you still have a right to hold that person responsible for your injury or hurt.  A lawyer is best suited to pursue your claim in either situation.


Buckner, MO Truck Accident Attorney


An accident with a truck or diesel can result in serious injury to anyone driving or riding in a smaller vehicle.  This is due to the weight or mass associated with large trucks, and therefore even a minor scrape with one of them, can result in the other vehicle, particularly if it is a small sub-compact, being heavily damaged.  If you should find yourself injured by a truck in Buckner, MO, then you should contact a lawyer right away to insure that your rights are protected.


Motorcycle Collision Lawyer Buckner, MO


If you have been injured in a motorcycle collision or accident in Buckner, MO, then you likely have been severely damaged by the accident.  This is not the time to try to negotiate with the other party’s insurance.  You also may not realize it, but your own insurance company, especially if you have underinsured coverage, may not be your friend in this situation.  Consequently, you need a friend in the form of a Motorcycle Collision Lawyer. Call attorney Rocky T. Cannon Attorney at Law.


Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based on advertisement only.

Buckner, MO Personal Injury Attorney


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