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Have you or a loved one suffered a personal injury such as a playground accident or auto or truck accident in Belton, MO?  If yes, then you or your loved one may be entitled to compensation for injuries suffered in such an accident that occurred in Belton, MO or zip code 64012 from the person or persons responsible for causing you harm.  Although, it is never desirable to sue someone, sometimes it is necessary in order for the hurt or harmed person to receive satisfaction for the pain and suffering they have experienced due to the negligence of another.  Hopefully, the responsible party had insurance that can be brought into play to cover your low.  However, insurance companies do not pay automatically or out of the kindness of their hearts, but instead they will attempt to limit your compensation for their benefit.  This why you need the best or top-rated personal injury attorney or lawyer you can find to help you maximize your recovery for your personal injury claim in Belton, MO.


Auto Accident Lawyer Belton, MO


We live in a part of the country where driving an automobile is part of most people's daily lives.  Due to the amount of time we spend in our cars, we attempt to get the best vehicles we can afford.  The average person does his or her best to take care of his or her car or truck and drive it safely on the highways.  However, despite our best efforts sometimes other drivers cause accidents.  When an auto accident happens to you in Belton, MO, that is not your fault, and you are injured both in your property and person, then you are likely going to need help getting yourself made whole again.  This is where an auto accident lawyer or attorney can help you. Call Rocky at 816-353-0009 to discuss your accident.


Trucking Accident Attorney Belton, MO


If a trucking accident or injury has happen to you in Belton, MO, then more than likely a very serious event has taken place in your life.  First, you are lucky to have survived the event. Second, getting a trucking company and its insurer, if they are not self-insured, to pay on your Belton personal injury claim will not be an easy task.  The trucking company and its insurer have tremendous resources to put into their defense against you.  They may even claim the collision was your fault regardless of what the evidence says.  This is why you need a trucking accident lawyer.


Pain and Suffering Attorney Belton, MO


Have you suffered or are enduring a personal injury, trucking accident or auto accident in Belton, MO, that is causing you pain and suffering? If so, then you should call or email a pain and suffering attorney today. Pain and suffering, starting from the time of your initial injury, can linger on throughout all your medical treatment, and continue to bother you even to this day.  It is type of damages under the law you can be compensated for.  More than likely, the person that caused you all this pain and suffering probably only did it by accident.  However, under the law this is called being “negligent” and again under the law the “negligent” party owes compensation to the injured party.  As the injured party you are entitled to compensation for all of your pain and suffering, not just some of it.  However, you will need a pain and suffering attorney to help you collect all of your damages from the negligent person.  Call Attorney Rocky at 816-353-0009. 



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