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Bates County, MO Trucking Accident


Have you or loved one been hit or injured by a large truck, including a garbage truck or 18-wheeler, in Bates County, MO?  If so, then you may have a right to pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible party.  A lawyer will be able to represent you against the responsible party including the owner of the vehicle.


The owner of the vehicle may very well be a large corporation.  A large corporation along with its large insurance company will be able to hire some of the best defense lawyers around.  That is why it will be important for a person hurt in a trucking accident to seek out the best plaintiff’s lawyer they can find.  A top plaintiff’s lawyer will be able to prevent crafty insurance lawyers from minimizing their client’s case.


Trucking accident cases can often result in horrific injuries or even death to unwilling participants involved in them.  The more serious the injuries the more potential value of the overall case.  However, the extent of injuries is only one factor in these types of cases.  Other factors such as contributory negligence, insurance coverage issues, and Acts of God may need to be address as well.  A top notch plaintiff’s attorney will know how to addressed these types of factors or issues.


As in car accidents, trucking accident victims may be able to pursue a claim of lost wages, reimbursement of medical bills, funeral expenses, and money for future medical treatment as well compensation for pain and suffering.  Again an experienced plaintiff’s lawyer will be able to determine what damages the injured client should pursue.  Call Rocky to discuss your trucking accident in Bates County, MO.






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