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Have you slipped or even tripped, which resulted in a fall, on a store premises located in Bates County, MO?  Were you injured, including any type of hip injury, from your fall? Do you feel your fall was caused by the negligence of the store?  Then you may have a personal injury claim for damages against the store.  However, it can be a challenge to pursue a store for a slip and fall, particularly a large store chain, for damages from a fall.  Consequently, it is best to seek out and consult with an attorney familiar with slip and fall actions about your unexpected fall.


Persons injured in slip and falls may have been transported from the scene of the accident to a local hospital.  If so, then there will be records of the incident.  An attorney will be able to get these records as evidence of your injuries.  An attorney will also be able to advise you on what types of damages you are legally entitled to collect on.  Your personal damages from your personal injury may include time lost from work as result of your fall, unpaid medical bills as result of your fall, projected cost of future medical treatment, and payment for pain suffered from your fall.


It is critical as soon as you can, to let your attorney know exactly what happened and the name of any potential witnesses to your fall.  Additionally, if your accident was caused by a liquid or some other hazard on the floor, then any person that has information about the liquid or other hazard would be useful to your lawyer.  Stores may have video of the accident or location of the accident that can prove critical to your case, and in order to insure that the video footage is preserved it will be necessary to put the store on notice that destruction of the video could constitute spoilage of evidence.  That is why it is important to consult with an attorney about your case in Bates County as soon as possible.  Call Rocky, a Kansas City area attorney, to discuss your case.








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