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Bates County, MO, founded in 1847, has a population of over 17,000 residents. If you are a resident of Bates, County, MO or travelling through Bates County, then you may at some point have a personal injury claim.  A personal injury claim can result from an auto accident, a trucking accident, or a slip and fall, as well as a whole host of other types of accidents.  If a person feels he or she has been injured by another person’s negligence or intentional conduct, then that person may have a personal injury claim against the at-fault person or party.


A personal injury claim can include compensation or reimbursement of medical bills and time off from work caused by the injury.  A personal injury claimant can also seek redress in the form of monetary damages for any pain and suffering experienced from the accident or event that occurred in Bates County, MO.


A lawyer or attorney will be able to guide the injured person through the legal system to hopefully a just and fair result.  A lawyer will be able to make sure that the responsible person will be held accountable for his or her actions as permitted under the law.  A lawyer will also be in the best position to help determine what proof is necessary to properly prosecute a client’s personal injury claim.  The lawyer using his or her experience and know-how will be able to make sure that the proof or evidence collected will be admissible in court.  


A court in the 27th judicial circuit of Missouri is bound by the rules of evidence in a personal injury case.  The rules of evidence can be complex, and that is why a top notch personal injury attorney should be sought out in order to make sure that a client’s case is able to be seen and heard by a jury.

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