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                                           Bates County, MO Auto Accident


Have you been injured in an auto accident in Bates County, MO? You may have a personal injury claim against the at-fault party that caused your accident and your injury.  Even in a situation where you were a passenger in the car of the at-fault party, you may still have a personal injury claim against the driver.  


Is it right that you have to live with the consequences of being involved in a motor vehicle accident and be liable for all the medical bills?  Here at Cannon Law Offices we do not think so.  Hopefully, the driver of the vehicle you were in had insurance available to cover your injuries.  In addition, in some cases, if you had auto insurance, you may have coverage that could be applied to your accident.  An attorney would best be able to advise you as to what insurance coverage might be available.


Usually auto or car accidents are investigated by the police.  Do not let an at-fault party talk you into not calling the police.  Liability for an auto or car accident can be difficult to prove without a police crash report.  The police crash report is designed to assess not only what happened, but what responsibility the drivers involved in the crash had for the accident.


Even in a situation where liability is clear and there is insurance coverage for the accident, insurance lawyers find plenty of things to fight over.  Insurance lawyers love to downplay the seriousness of an injured person’s injuries. Insurance lawyers also love to claim that the injured person’s injuries actually arose from an earlier or in some cases a later accident.  That is why it is very important to avoid speaking with an insurance company concerning your personal injury before legal counsel is obtained. Therefore, if you have been injured in Bates

County, MO, then consider calling Rocky, a licensed Missouri attorney, to speak with him about your case.






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