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   Your property damage claim, arising from your auto accident, whether resulting in minor damage to your fenders or wheels or total loss of your automobile, can be handled separately by the insurance company due the damages being able to be calculated easier and such damage being covered under a separate provision of most insurance policies. So regardless of whether you drive a truck, stationwagon, motorcycle, convertible, jeep, roadster, sedan, subcompact, coup or hatchback, you may be able to handle this part of your case by yourself and keep and spend all the money yourself. However, you may still need a lawyer if the accident caused a decrease in value to your high end vehicle such as a new corvette or new BMW.



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Auto accidents, also referred to sometimes as car wrecks, DWI car crashes, fender-benders, or rear-end collisions, are a significant cause of damages and personal injuries for the citizens of the State of Missouri.  Fortunately, the insurance law in Missouri requires drivers to carry insurance coverage to insure against of auto accidents.  In an auto accident, an injured party can have both property and personal injury.  Under the law, insurance is designed to cover both. If you have questions, then Call Rocky, an auto accident lawyer: serving the Kansas City, MO Metro area including Raytown, Independence, Blue Springs, Grandview, and Lee’s Summit.

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    Your personal injury caused by an auto accident or car wreck is a different matter and can take much longer due to the need for medical treatment and care to be administered to you or your loved one which can take weeks, months or even years.  A  If you think you may have a class action in the Kansas City area, then you should call a Kansas City Class Action Attorney today to discuss the feasibility of your case can include whiplash, concussions, abrasions, scrapes, strains, ruptures, lesions, bruises, contusions, cuts, gashes, broken bones, dislocated shoulder, damaged organs, lacerations, burns, whiplash and scarring. Due to the greater financial exposure from personal injury claims, insurance companies defend these with greater effort to try to avoid paying out to injured persons. A highly rated or experienced attorney should be sought out.


    Your medical treatment, as a result of your auto accident, may be extensive, and in some cases can include expensive tests, medications, and surgeries. However, even a simple trip to the emergency room can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills.  Also, as part of your personal injury claim you will want to be compensated for your pain and suffering.


    It is important to remember that in order to successfully bring a personal injury claim you will have to prove your case.  Therefore, you must do your part to preserve the evidence for your case.  Keep track of your medical providers, medical visits, prescriptions, work limitations, and medical bills.  Take pictures of your injuries, especially early on. Your lawyer will need all of these to prosecute your case and maximize your recovery. Call Rocky, an attorney conveniently located in Raytown, Missouri. Rocky has experience handling cases in cities next or close to Raytown routinely such as Kansas City, Independence, MO, Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, MO, Raymore, MO, and Grandview, MO.  Give Rocky a call.