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Have you received a personal injury in a car accident on 71 Highway that was not your fault?  If so, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the negligent driver.  A personal injury is not damage to your property, but to your natural body, mind, or emotions.  Under the law you can be compensated for your personal injury by receiving payment from the person or party found responsible for your injuries.  If payment is required, then payment may be made in either a lump sum or through a structured settlement.


In cases where the other person’s insurance company refuses to settle, a lawsuit may be required to be initiated.  A lawsuit filed in a personal injury case is a different type of legal case, then the type brought by the State for criminal violations of the law.  In a personal injury lawsuit, the Plaintiff (injured party) sues the Defendant (negligent party) for his or her damages.


The Plaintiff in a typical car wreck lawsuit on 71 Highway will state where the accident happened in his or her petition.  It is very important that a lawsuit list the location of the accident to make sure that the court the accident lawsuit is filed in has jurisdiction to hear the case.  Jurisdiction basically means that the court hearing the case has legal authority to hear the case.  If not, then the case cannot be heard by that court.  Consequently, it is very important that jurisdiction be established before the case is filed.  You should seek out a good lawyer to determine the correct or best jurisdiction for your case.


The Plaintiff will also state what he or she believes the Defendant did wrong which led to the auto accident.  The Plaintiff may state the Defendant did a number of things wrong like travelling above the speed limit and also running a red light.  The Plaintiff will also state his or her damages.  Damages in a typical car accident case can include the Plaintiff’s accumulated medical bills, lost time from the Plaintiff’s job, and the Plaintiff’s pain and suffering.


If you have had an actionable vehicle accident on 71 Highway, then you should speak with Rocky, a Kansas City Area Attorney, about how to proceed.  You can call him at 816-353-0009.








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